Our Vehicles

Aussie Overlander uses vehicles which are designed and built for off-road travel in the remote regions of Australia. Maintenance is key to reliable expedition vehicles and as an accredited passenger vehicle operator we ensure our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards.

During long distance remote travel the comfort of our passengers is very important to us; our vehicles have been chosen with this in mind. Our custom built 4WD expedition bus is the perfect size for small groups allowing up to 11 passengers to travel in comfort in forward facing coach seats with air conditioning and fantastic outside vision to take in the landscape. This vehicle is still small enough in size to allow access to 4WD tracks the larger 4WD coaches can’t. Along with many other benefits this allows us to get to those little secret camp spots away from the crowds.




All dressed up with no where to go.... I

OKA 4wd tour bus 

Seats upto either 9 or 11 passengers depending on configuration. Forward facing coach seats, tinted windows and unhindered forward vision to the front of the vehicle. Dual air conditioners keep the cabin cool and we have also equipped this vehicle with fresh air intake vents which helps prevent dust ingress on outback roads.  


This vehicle is heavy duty and built in Australia for Australian conditions. No off road built bus comes close to the comfort and handling of an OKA in rough country. Heavy duty bar work, winch, ARB air locking differentials, dual fuel, dual water tanks, on board air for quick tire inflation, lithium deep cycle battery system with onboard fridge and freezers, the list goes on.


Built to be extremely capable, comfortable & practical off road. For safety & communications we have fitted a UHF radio and satellite phone. 


Land Rover Defender 130


This is our high capacity expedition vehicle especially setup for remote touring work – Seats 5 including your guide.


We love the reliability and comfort of the 130 Defender. No other 4wd vehicle comes close to the off road performance, reliability and payload of this particular model. Setup with interior comfort modifications, air conditioning, extended fuel range, water tanks, camp kitchen, recovery gear and communications equipment. This vehicle provides a very comfortable ride for off road expedition work. 

Thinking about crossing the Simpson Desert or other remote regions of the great Australian Outback? Go on get in touch... it'll be guaranteed to be a trip of a lifetime!