On Tour

Aussie Overlander promotes active adventure travel in Australia. Our ethos is based on a few fundamental characteristics that we believe are paramount to really getting an authentic taste of the Australian bush as an active traveller.


  • Small groups travel in comfortable 4 wheel drive vehicles with forward facing seats

  • Time to enjoy the best Bushwalks in Australia

  • Great camping & accommodation locations

  • Serving plenty of wholesome & satisfying food

  • Quality camping equipment - Trust us, It can be comfortable! We only have quality camp equipment ensuring you have the best night out under the stars. 

  • 4 wheel driving on remote tracks

  • Keeping away from the crowds as much as possible

  • Plenty of time in nature, relaxed paced touring and the opportunity to enjoy the best walks around


Camp life

Aussie Overlander provides both camping and accommodated journeys.


We started out running camping tours more than 15 years ago and still find it's the best way to explore Australia's vast outback and wilderness locations. By joining us on one of our camping trips throughout Australia you'll be ensured a very well organised and professional experience. We find on our camping based tours that we can often be closer to places of interest and bushwalking locations enabling us to have more time exploring our wonderfull bush and less time driving. We also think there is nothing quite like the simple pleasure that comes from sitting around the fire, enjoying fine food and camp fire yarns before settling into a comfortable bed under a blanket of stars!


We often have guests on our journeys that have had no experience camping and they often remark as to how comfortable it was. If your idea of camping is a flimsy leaking tent with flapping tarps, and that blasted sleeping mat that keeps going flat you will be pleasantly surprised. Trust us!

On our camping tours we provide each guest with a freshly made swag with comfortable mattress and pillow fitted with clean linen, sleeping bag or donna. We also provide a private (no need to share) tent for each of our guests. Our tents have room for two if your travelling with your partner or friend.

On our accommodated tours we normally provide 3 star standard accommodation in lodges and hotels en route. Please insure you read the tour itinerary for details of accommodation provided as at times we may have varying standards. ​​Whilst most of our advertised trips are camping based we regularly organise private charters for interested groups or private journeys that incorporate accommodation of a suitable standard or type as requested by our guests. We also organise tours for families or groups of friends who are willing to forgo a few comforts and stay in budget accommodation with shared facilities. It's really up to your budget.

Meals on Tour

We are experienced bush cooks and have loads of experience in serving up freshly prepared whole-some well presented meals each day. Evening meals are cooked on open fires in authentic camp ovens or portable BBQ plates. Our meals ingredients are sourced from local fresh food suppliers and we often stop in at farms along the way for fresh eggs, fruit etc when in season. 

Breakfast will often include freshly brewed coffee and tea, toast, a range of wholesome cereals and fresh fruit.

Lunch will often include cold meats, salads along with an array of condiments and quality breads. We will also have fresh fruit.

Dinner in the bush could be many things from camp oven prepared roast lamb, chicken or beef, shepherds pie, fresh fish, curry and rice dishes or perhaps an Aussie Overlander camp stew! We accompany our meals with plenty of salads or vegetables and at times cook up steaming hot damper (bush bread) on the coals to accompany our main meal.

Dinner is a great chance to learn about bush cooking by ‘helping out’ with preparation of the meal. Our guests are also encouraged to pitch in and help with cleaning up after the meal. Participation is encouraged in all aspects of out trips.